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Je Suis Charlie

9 Jan

According To Hoyt


Here I was, trying to make this blog less political.

Not because I’m afraid to be political, and I intended to continue to say things that need to be said, but because I have said most of what I want to say. As in, I don’t want to force topics. If a political/social topic presents I will write, but for the rest, I thought, I’ll write about writing, and home and kids, and— And resume the free chapters, and post more about writing and literature, because that is as important to me as politics and my area of expertise, even if I write about writing as it reflects/influences society.

And I woke up in the morning to the news of the massacre at Charlie Hebdo.

It wasn’t going to be an easy day. I think I have a touch of the ninja flu. (Think? Well, it could be hormonal.) Anyway…

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Party by the Rules

9 Mar

Sarah: Party by the rules?

According To Hoyt

Did you hear about the caterer who was so self centered, he thought that parties were a place of business?


Well, there are apparently a lot of writers who think so.  Because science fiction conferences are – for them – a place of business and a must-attend, they think that they are the same for everyone else.

As I’ve said before in this space, there is a set of my colleagues so strange that they think the important part of the gift is the box.

My cats think that too.

But I think it’s actually odder than that.  I think my colleagues have lived so long in fictional worlds that they think rules prevent things from happening.

If only there were rules about not robbing banks!

I’ve been getting the usual pitches for cons — mind you this year it’s Ravencon and Liberty con and that’s it, because a)…

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Hello world!

10 Oct

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Happy blogging!